29th October 2023

Die Centrist Scum

Note: I have selected this rather extremist title as an exercise in irony.

There are a surprising number of centrists on the Israel/Palestine debate, and I think it exposes their fundamental stupidity. Sometimes people are just correct about things, and being against Israel's persecution of Palestinians is one of those instances. The closest situation I can think of is how European settlers treated the natives of the Americas. The Europeans were wrong to do all the bad things they did to the natives. People in the past have been wrong, so clearly people in the present can be wrong. Yet centrists deny this reality. Words shouldn't be used because people don't like them being used, even if they obviously are applicable. Facts aught to be avoided as they can influence people's opnions. Reality is but an inconvenient footnote that might cause uneccessary bias in favour of one side or the other. Centrism has replaced logical thought in these people's minds. Blindly applying a strategy of take the middle road usually makes them seem sophisticated and diplomatic, but completely fails when you are talking about something this black and white.