25th November 2023

What the Fuck Is Up with Censorship?

It strikes me as extremely immature that so many places censor swear words. YouTube is a prime example; it will disable adverts on videos which involve swearwords. Advertisers are afraid that someone will see their advert next to a swearword. Why? I don't know. Then you have the people who think the world will end if a child hears a swear. Newsflash: most of them already have. But there's this strange sentiment that swearing is a kind of moral transgression against the listener. Finally, all these AI companies tend to block the AIs from doing inappropriate things. They think people will associate AI with porn if they let people make porn with AI. That's stupid. The main thing people search on Google is porn and Google isn't seen as a porn site. The AI would be less child-safe if you could make porn with it, but I question the degree to which a child looking for porn needs to be protected from seeing it. Many parents have the delusion that, if a child finds porn on the internet, it's only because they accidentally stumbled upon it rather than because they actively sought it out. I can't help but think of videos like this with an adult shocked and angry about the search history of a very upset child. I guess what I'm trying to say is: people should just get over porn and naughty words.